Date chosen is out of peak season so should be good availability and prices. You can visit the visitor centre website to enter your details and view accommodation available


Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort
(08) 9949 0000

Offering 10% off for guests from 14-28 th October 2017 but must be booked direct with them and not other sites (e.g. etc…) using the unique promo code MANTA211017. This is probably the most expensive place in town to stay though.


There are heaps of holiday houses in Exmouth. Range of houses available for 2+ people starting from ~$700+ a week.
View them on this website:

These houses are all about a 10 minute walk to town (Ross St. Mall) and 5 minutes walk to our house (1 Saury Place), you would need to get cab/taxi to wedding venue from these houses (all taxi/cab about $15 flat rate anywhere to go anywhere in town). There are per night rates, houses that sleep different numbers and houses at various locations around town. Just look at the holiday house link for exact location, availability and prices.

9 Krait Street, sleeps up to 10 people, ~$1300 week
9A Krait Street, sleeps up to 9 people, ~$1000 week
5 Saury Place, Sleeps up to 8 people, ~$1600 week (Not on website as of 06/05/2017)
9 SkipJack Circle, sleeps up to 8 people, ~$1600 week
27 Osprey Way, sleeps up to 9 people, ~ $2000 week
2 Trout Place, sleeps up to 10 people, ~$2200 week
30 Tambor Drive, sleeps up to 12 people, ~$2400 week
1 Sargo Court, Sleeps up to 9 people, ~$2400 week


Only two caravan parks in town both have tent/caravan sites and cabins
Ningaloo caravan and holiday resort
(08) 9949 2377

RAC Exmouth Cape holiday resort
(08) 9949 1101

Other caravan parks are fair distance out of town – Lighthouse caravan park, Yardie Homestead wildnerness camping so probably not recommended.


Ningaloo lodge
(08) 9949 4949

Winston backpackers
(08) 9949 2377

Blue reef backpackers
(08) 9949 1101

YHA excape backpackers at potshot hotel
(08) 9949 1200


Potshot hotel
(08) 9949 1200


Exmouth Escape
(08) 9949 4800