All prices grabbed using Exmouth Airport as the pick-up and drop off price on 30/04/2017.
Prices may fluctuate as companies put on new/stop current deals.

AVISPh: (08) 9949 2492
BudgetPh: (08) 9949 1534
EuropcarPh: (08) 9949 2940
HertzPh: (08) 9949 2403
CompanyCar typePer DayThur – Mon
AVISCompact (Hyundai i20)Per day price$164.22Thur – Mon price$385.56
AVISIntermediate (Toyota Corolla Hatch)Per day price$169.87Thur – Mon price$408.56
AVISStandard (Hyundai Elantra)Per day price$181.47Thur – Mon price$454.55
AVISSUV (Nissan Xtrail)Per day price$209.07Thur – Mon price$560.35
AVIS4WD (Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed)Per day price$236.67Thur – Mon price$661.54
EuropcarCompact (Hyundai Accent)Per day price$142.00Thur – Mon price$327.58
EuropcarIntermediate (Toyota Corolla Hatch)Per day price$157.00Thur – Mon price$343.62
EuropcarStandard (Toyota Corolla Sedan)Per day price$162.00Thur – Mon price$407.59
EuropcarSUV (Toyota RAV4)Per day price$192.01Thur – Mon price$483.60
BudgetIntermediate (Toyota Corolla Hatch)Per day price $184.79Thur – Mon price$397.88
BudgetStandard (Mitsubishi ASX)Per day price $190.60Thur – Mon price $425.76
BudgetSUV (Mitsubishi Outlander)Per day price $218.47Thur – Mon price $518.65
Budget4WD (Mitsubishi Pajero Sports)Per day price $259.12Thur – Mon price $574.40
HertzCompact (Toyota Corolla Hatch)Per day price $160.60Thur – Mon price $401.50
HertzStandard (Toyota Corolla Sedan)Per day price $189.96Thur – Mon price $474.90
HertzSUV (Nissan Qashqai)Per day price $191.78Thur – Mon price $479.45

The airport is a 34km drive from the township.

Hiring from the township may be cheaper if lifts can be arranged.

Baby car seats and other baby equipment can be hired via ‘Out of the Pouch’.  Call or text 0429 959 271 to book.

Bookings are essential for airport transfers, taxi’s/charter and rental vehicles as operators do not always meet each flight and may only operate when bookings are made prior to arrival. For more info visit here.